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Shirts, hats, caps, jackets and nearly every form of apparel can work as billboards for you. Branding identity and a strong company logo are essential to marketing. Finding and using the company logo can be misunderstood and implemented poorly. Seeing your own marketing strategies over and over again may seem boring to you, but your clients don't see them nearly as often. In fact, the more you repeat your message and your company logo - on apparel such as shirts and hats as well as signage and other collateral - the more effective it becomes in the marketplace.

Do you need different versions of your logo for various types of apparel?

Many successful companies have used a company logo on various types of apparel without any change for many years. Simply, the one they have chosen reflects who they are and what they do. There are advantages to using one company logo. Using one design consistently across all platforms - digital, collateral, signage and apparel - assists in the communication of your company message directly to current and potential clients. Company logos can help a business solidify its brand in the market place.


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